New Google Toolbar 7.2 for IE

Google+ features are now available in Google Toolbar for IE! Today we launched a new version of Google Toolbar for IE that includes a Google +1 button and a Google+ Notifications button. These buttons allow you to +1 any webpage and share it with your circles on Google+ as well as check your Google+ notifications while you browse the web. Not using Google+? Join now. Learn more about the new +1 button and Google+ Notifications button. These new features are only supported in Google Toolbar for IE8 and IE9.

Google Toolbar 7.2 for IE is available for download in English only today and will be available in our other supported languages soon. If you already use Google Toolbar you will be automatically updated with the latest version within the next few weeks or you can download it instantly from google.com/toolbar.


An update on Google Toolbar for Firefox

First of all, we'd like to thank all of our loyal users of Google Toolbar for Firefox. We deeply appreciate all of the feedback over the years that helped to make the product so useful. As we all know, over the past few years, there has been a tremendous amount of innovation in the browser space. For Firefox users, many features that were once offered by Google Toolbar for Firefox are now already built right into the browser. Therefore, while Google Toolbar for Firefox works on versions up to and including Firefox 4 only, it will not be supported on Firefox 5 and future versions. Please see our Help Center for additional details.


Google Toolbar 7.1.1821.1806 for IE

Today we launched a new version of Toolbar for IE. This version of Toolbar offers an improved Toolbar Instant experience as well as easier maneuverability around pinning your favorite Toolbar buttons. You can find out how we've improved pinning buttons in the Toolbar Help Center. The improved Toolbar Instant feature will roll out everywhere Google Instant search is available over the coming weeks.

We have also implemented a new way to report Toolbar issues directly in the Toolbar. Simply follow the directions below to report an issue.
  1. Click the arrow button next to the Toolbar wrench icon.
  2. Select "Report an issue".
  3. Fill in the "Tell us what is happening." field with specific steps to reproduce you problem and include any antivirus software you may have. We also encourage you to select the "Include this screenshot:" check box to help us diagnose your issue.
  4. Click "Send feedback".

Finally, some of you may see some new features that we're experimenting with for future releases of Toolbar.

Enjoy Toolbar 7.1 for IE!


Known Issue: Share service to Twitter not working

If you attempt to use the Toolbar Share feature to share a webpage on Twitter.com, the link you want to share may not appear in the "What's happening?" text field on Twitter. We are aware of this issue and will be automatically updating users with a fix in the coming weeks.

As a workaround, try the traditional copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) method to copy the link you want to share and paste it to the "What's happening" text field.


Google Toolbar 7.0.1710.2246 for IE

The latest release of Toolbar for IE includes a fix for the DPI known issue and a few user requests. If your DPI setting is higher than 96 (more than 100%), then your search box view will have a few changes: the bottom of your search box text will no longer hang outside of the box and will fit appropriately within the box. We have also increased the number of buttons allowed on the Toolbar from 6 buttons to 10 buttons. Simply use the More button to add buttons individually. Finally, if you desire to revert back to the traditional look and feel of Toolbar we've added an option in the More button menu to "Show all buttons". Click this option to see all of your buttons. You can download the latest version now or wait to be automatically updated within the next few weeks.

Message to Toolbar 7 for IE Users

Dear Toolbar users,

Thank you for your feedback and responses to Google Toolbar 7. We really appreciate the positive response to Toolbar Instant and to the cleaner layout of Toolbar. At the same time, we want to acknowledge that all users have different preferences, and given our many loyal and passionate users, changes can be unfamiliar and frustrating. We wanted to let you know that we're working on changes in an upcoming update to address some of your concerns.

One of the great features of Toolbar 7 is Toolbar Instant search. Toolbar Instant brings your search results to you more quickly and yes, in a slightly larger font. The size in the search box was designed to be on par with what you see on Google.com searches and Google Chrome omnibox (address bar) searches. Our aim is to give users the best, most consistent search experience across all Google products, and we will continue to align our efforts to this end.

The Toolbar 7 More button was designed to encourage better customization and de-clutter your browser of unused buttons, while still allowing you to access all of the great Toolbar buttons and features from previous versions. Given the valuable input we've gotten thus far, we're iterating on improvements to make those great tools more easily accessible.

Thanks again for all of the useful insight. Though we are not planning to change the font size of the search box, we are working to make your experience better. Soon you will be able to pin more buttons onto your Toolbar while customizing it, or if you wish, you can simply go back to the traditional look and feel in which all of you buttons are visible.

Google Toolbar Team


Known Issue: Increased font size in search box (Google Toolbar 7 for IE)

With the latest update to Toolbar 7 you may have noticed an increase font size in your search box and search suggestions. If your Windows DPI (dots/per inch) setting is higher than the default setting (96 DPI) then you'll see an even larger font size than normal. We are aware of this issue and are actively working to fix it.
  • To check the DPI setting in Windows 7 follow these instructions.
  • To check the DPI setting in Windows Vista follow these instructions.

If your DPI setting is normal and you're still experiencing enlarged font size then please send us a screenshot when filling out our contact form. Thanks for your patience.