Message to Toolbar 7 for IE Users

Dear Toolbar users,

Thank you for your feedback and responses to Google Toolbar 7. We really appreciate the positive response to Toolbar Instant and to the cleaner layout of Toolbar. At the same time, we want to acknowledge that all users have different preferences, and given our many loyal and passionate users, changes can be unfamiliar and frustrating. We wanted to let you know that we're working on changes in an upcoming update to address some of your concerns.

One of the great features of Toolbar 7 is Toolbar Instant search. Toolbar Instant brings your search results to you more quickly and yes, in a slightly larger font. The size in the search box was designed to be on par with what you see on Google.com searches and Google Chrome omnibox (address bar) searches. Our aim is to give users the best, most consistent search experience across all Google products, and we will continue to align our efforts to this end.

The Toolbar 7 More button was designed to encourage better customization and de-clutter your browser of unused buttons, while still allowing you to access all of the great Toolbar buttons and features from previous versions. Given the valuable input we've gotten thus far, we're iterating on improvements to make those great tools more easily accessible.

Thanks again for all of the useful insight. Though we are not planning to change the font size of the search box, we are working to make your experience better. Soon you will be able to pin more buttons onto your Toolbar while customizing it, or if you wish, you can simply go back to the traditional look and feel in which all of you buttons are visible.

Google Toolbar Team
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